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Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn (SZN), Department of Integrative Marine Ecology

The Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn (SZN, http://www.szn.it), National Institute of Marine Biology, Ecology and Biotechnology, is the oldest research institution in Italy (founded in 1872). Research infrastructure are located in Naples, Ischia, Messina and Palermo (Sicily), Amendolara (Calabria) Fano (Marche). SZN facilities include the following core infrastructures and services: a) wet laboratories for fish, shellfish and benthos sample analyses; b) production of marine biological resources; c) molecular biology, sequencing and bioinformatics; d) taxonomy of marine organisms; e) electron (SEM, TEM, environmental SEM), confocal laser microscopy, flow cytometry and bioimaging; f) field sampling, scientific diving, mesocosms and facilities for research in the field; g) research and experimentation in extreme marine habitats; h) monitoring quality of the marine environment and i) research vessels for scientific surveys. As a founding member of EMBRC (European Marine Biological Resource Centre), SZN coordinates and manages the Joint Research Unit in Italy, opening up new opportunities for interdisciplinary collaborations. The SZN is partner of the Joint Research Unit (JRU) of the European infrastructure EMSO, sharing expertise, databases and resources with other partners to promote the training and joint research and technology transfer relevant to the understanding of the complex interactions between the geosphere, hydrosphere and biosphere, with particular reference to the deep environments. SZN is the co-coordinator of the Biomolecular Topic Centre (BTC) of the LifeWatch, a pan-European e-infrastructure within the service centre providing access to the tools for analysing genomic, metagenomics, phylogenetic and DNA-barcoding, as well as to existing databases.


Contribution to the project

SZN is involved in the Campania planning site and participating in WP1 - 5, 7 and co-responsible for D3.2.


Francesco Colloca

Lead Researcher

Antonio di Franco


Sylvaine Giakoumi


Paolo Guidetti


Stefano Moro

Postdoc Researcher

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