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Scientific articles

Are Mediterranean marine threatened species at high risk by climate change?
Chatzimentor, A., Doxa, A., Katsanevakis, S., & Mazaris, A. D. (2023). Global Change Biology, 29, 1809– 1821.


Contribution of area-based fisheries management measures to fisheries sustainability and marine conservation: a global scoping review.
Petza, D., Anastopoulos, P., Kalogirou, S., et al. (2023). Rev Fish Biol Fisheries.


Systematic evaluation of a spatially explicit ecosystem model to inform area-based management in the deep-sea.
Brito, J., Soszynski, A., Pham, CK., et al. (2023), Ocean Coast. Manag., vol. 244, p. 106807


Identifying and prioritizing demersal fisheries restricted areas based on combined ecological and fisheries criteria: the western Mediterranean.
Ortega, M., Castro-Cadenas, M. D., Steenbeek, J., & Coll, M. (2023). bioRxiv, 2023-02.

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