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Ecopath International Initiative (EII)

Ecopath International Initiative or EII is a not for profit research organization based in Spain, focused on the contribution to the sustainability of living resources and ecosystems through the development, implementation, education and promotion of analytical tools and ecological modelling, with special emphasis on the use of modelling approach Ecopath with Ecosim (EwE). We closely collaborate with institutions in the fields of research, technology and education to further marine ecosystem research. We participate in research projects and software developments with partner institutes across the globe to support and expand the EwE software, and to integrate ecosystem modelling into decision making processes via 3D gaming approaches. We organize ecosystem modelling courses, coordinate user support and project development and maintain the lifespan of the EwE software on behalf of the Ecopath Research and Development Consortium. arenas through the use of 3D gaming approaches. He has over 60 publications and thought it was about time to do a PhD to address the main technical bottlenecks to allow better and egalitarian use of ecosystem modelling approaches for the UN Ocean Decade.


Contribution to the project

WP6 lead and contribution to WP5


Jeroen Steenbeek

WP 6 lead

Joe Buszowski


Villy Christensen


Mike Pan

Programmer / 3D art

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