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IMAR - Instituto do Mar (IMAR UAZ)

IMAR-UAz is a marine institute based at the University of the Azores to support deep-sea and open-ocean research. Most member of IMAR have been recently affiliated with the Institute of Marine Sciences - Okeanos, University of the Azores. These organizations conduct leading deep-sea and open-ocean research, and education, to advance the understanding of marine systems in a changing planet and promote the sustainable blue economy, management and restoration of marine ecosystems, for the benefit of the society and the environment. IMAR-UAz and Okeanos-UAz activities have a special focus on the Atlantic but with extensions to other ocean basins. It develops both fundamental and applied research by establishing national and international collaborative networks, and promotes strong links with governmental and private organizations. Research activities focused on particular environments, which are accessible from the Azores (the abyssal plains, seamounts, ocean ridges, hydrothermal fields, island platforms and ocean fronts). IMAR-UAz hosts large facilities and resources such as dedicated offices, laboratories, scientific equipment, research vessels, deep-water camera systems and Remotely Operated Vehicles. In the last two decades IMAR-UAz got involved in large international research consortia, most of them within EU framework projects (e.g. partner in 8 FP7 projects and partner of 7 H2020) but many others with a global focus (e.g. Census of Marine Life programs, or the Ocean Tracking Network). IMAR-UAz and Okeanos-UAz members created a truly global network with over 280 active collaborations from 180 research institutions and are key players in several international organizations (e.g., CBD, OSPAR, ICCAT, ICES), networks (Ocean Tracking Network, ERA-NETs, InterRidge, DOSI, INDEEP, CHESS), review panels and expert groups. IMAR-UAz and Okeanos-UAz are highly involved in outreach activities to the general public, schools and young students and highly involved with the industry. The Azores deep-sea ecology research is a group of passionate scientists based at the Okeanos-UAz to unveil the deep-sea with a special focus on the Azores, but with extensions to the Atlantic Ocean and other ocean basins. We conduct scientific exploration, research and education to advance the understanding of the structure, function, natural diversity, connectivity, and resilience of deep-sea ecosystems in a changing planet, while informing for a sustainable use of the ocean for current and future generations.


Contribution to the project

IMAR-UAZ coordinates all activities in the Azores Planning Sites, participates in WP5, and supports WPs 2, 3, 4, and 6.


Telmo Morato

Planning Site lead

Luis Rodrigues


Marina Carreiro-Silva


Carlos Dominguez-Carrio


Manuela Ramos


Laurence Fauconnet


Joana Brito

PhD Student

Alvise Dabalà

Young scientist

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