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Universität Hamburg (UHAM), Institute of Marine Ecosystem and Fisheries Science

The Institute of Marine Ecosystem and Fisheries Science at UHAM pursues a multifaceted, interdisciplinary approach to a better understanding of marine ecosystem functioning under anthropogenic influences such as fisheries, eutrophication, and climate change. To achieve this goal, UHAM uses a wide range of methods to study key processes in marine ecosystem dynamics. UHAM works closely with a number of national and international partner institutes on a wide range of multidisciplinary research projects (e.g., the EU projects MISSION ATLANTIC and COMFORT; nationally funded projects marEEshift, balt_ADAPT, SeaUseTip, SpaCeParti) The projects are focusing on marine ecosystem functioning under multiple stressors as well as the application of scientific findings in ecosystem-based management approaches such as Integrated Ecosystem Assessments and Marine Spatial Planning. The regional focus of the work is on the North and Baltic Seas as well as the North Atlantic and Atlantic. UHAMs expertise relevant to MarinePlan comprises the provision of expertise and skills to apply statistical models for spatio-temporal planning, the assessment of climate effects and risks of system-shifts on marine ecosystems, development and evaluation of ecosystem-based management scenarios.


Contribution to the project

UHAM participates and contributes with its expertise to WP1 - 4 and WP7.


Christian Möllmann

Lead Researcher

Nicole Funk


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